Basic HTML Guide

CommunityForce has several editor boxes throughout the system that allows you to use HTML when creating instructions or text tabs.  The following is some basic HTML to get you started. 

Important: Tags may be combined (or nested) but they must be done in order as 1 2 then 2 1 like parenthesis.  There must be a begin tag and end tag (often called open and close.  If you neglect the end tag, you will get very undesirable results.

Begin Tag

End Tag




Bold Text



Content is shown as bold type



Content is shown in large type. BIG and SMALL can be nested (thus:   < BIG><BIG>nested</BIG></BIG>) to further increase or   decrease font size.



Content is shown as an indented block; should be used only for long   quotations. See note   on <Q> tag.



The body part of the HTML document. See introduction to HTML

<body bgcolor="#FF0000"> 


Set the background color.  This reference  is to the standard HTML color #. 



Force line break within paragraph. Note that "floating  elements" such as images are separate from the paragraph. To start next  line below any images etc., use < BR CLEAR="all">. The CLEAR  attribute can take values "none", "right",   "left", or "all" and is deprecated, but in fact still very useful. The best way to understand it is to try a few tests.



Content is centered on page (can include paragraphs etc.). Note American spelling.



Emphasis: text usually displayed in italics



Used to define characteristics of font, according to attributes e.g.   SIZE, COLOR, FACE. SIZE sets size, 1-7 e.g. SIZE="5". COLOR sets   color of text e.g. <FONT COLOR="#FF0000"> makes text red.   FACE e.g. FACE="Times".

<font color="red"    size="12px">


Font color and font size

<FONT COLOR="blue">


<FONT   COLOR="#0000FF">


Font color may be expressed in words or in code.










Headings (levels 1-6, i.e. H3 is a subheading within a H2 subheading).



Draw horizontal line across page; used to indicate break between sections. Attributes: WIDTH, e.g. WIDTH="50%" makes line half size   of page; SIZE, e.g. SIZE="3" makes line 3 pixels thick






Image. Attributes: must have SRC and ALT. SRC gives source file for   image, e.g. SRC="picture.jpg". ALT gives brief description e.g.   ALT="Picture of UB"






Pre-formatted text.



Strike-through text: i.e. like this phrase.



Content appears as smaller-size text



Text is emphasized strongly - usually appears in bold.









Underline Text



Underline text. Use sparingly as it may be confused with hyperlinks

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