How To Apply for A Grant Opportunity

After you have signed into the system.  Perform the Search for A Grant Opportunity.  After reading the details about a Grant Application.  Click on the word:  Apply



A System Message Box will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to Apply.  Hit the Apply button to continue. 



The next screen could be a Pre-Qualification Screen.  This screen will only show if the site has been configured to use Pre-Qualification questions.  To continue answer the questions and hit the Submit Button.


The next screen to open is the Application Dashboard.   Take a few minutes to read the directions before filling out the sections.


Begin Filling Out the 2013 Grant Application:

Complete all the questions in each section of the Application.  The system uses conditional logic.  New questions could appear or disappear based on how you answered a previous question. Required questions are marked with a red * and all required questions must be answered.  Each section will read 100% when all the required questions in that section have been completed. 

Tip:  When completing essay type questions, we suggest writing those in Microsoft Word or Notepad.  Simply copy and paste you response into the appropriate question and hit save so that it saves your response.  You may type directly in, but if the system times out before you finish you could lose your work.


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