How to Search For Scholarship Opportunities

The following screen will appear each time that you sign in or may appear before you sign in depending on how the system has been configured.  This screen will allow you to search for Scholarship opportunities.


There are three options that you can use to search for Schoalrship Opportunities:

Capture.PNGClick on the View All Scholarships/Funds Button to view all Scholarships


Option #1:  Search Keywords in Title and Short Description by typing a keyword in the text box and clicking on the Search by Keyword(s)

Option #2:  Search by Sponsoring Organization by clicking on the down arrow to see a dropdown menu.  You can place a check in the box next to the Supporting Organization or select All link to search by all Supporting Organizations.  Hit the OK button to return to the search option.  Click on the Search by Sponsor to search.

Option #3: Search by Scholarship Eligibility by answering specific criteria questions.  Click on the Search Eligibility Button to search. Note: If there criteria questions are not present in this option, the system is not using this feature as a search option.

Viewing your search Results:

The following screen will open when you click on the View All Scholarships/Funds button or search for an opportunity.  Please take the time to read all the information being provided.  Click on the View more to open the screen and read all the details:


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